Fanshawe Toronto@ILAC
Food Locker

confidential on-campus food bank

The Fanshawe Toronto@ILAC Food Locker is a confidential on-campus food bank for Fanshawe Toronto@ILAC students who are facing food insecurity. Please be considerate of others and only apply if you are in emergency need. The Fanshawe Toronto@ILAC Food Locker is operated by the Student Services Team and is supported by volunteers and community donations.

After submitting, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Food Locker staff will fulfill eligible requests within 10 business days. When your bag is ready to be picked up, you will receive an email with your pick-up deadline. Please pick up your bag within the deadline. Requests made within 14 days of each other will not be fulfilled and you can only make 4 requests a semester.

Note: We cannot provide for specialty diets (i.e., peanuts, vegan, halal, perishable) due to a lack of resources and training.

Applications are closed for this month.